In reality, if your site is two years old or more, you should be analyzing your site’s current competitive standing. 
  • Examine your competitors’ web sites. 
  • Honestly appraise if their web sites are aesthetically “better” than yours. 
  • Do your competitors offer significant features that you don’t?
  • Do they provide a better presentation of product or services?  Are “specials” highlighted?
  • Go through their checkout process.  Is it faster and easier than yours?

If your answer to any of the above is “yes”, you should probably consider having your site redesigned.  There are many reasons for why your site no longer stacks up, including:

  • Your website was built on a small budget.
  • Your business has changed. 
  • Your competitors are ahead of you.
  • You now better understand your customers.
  • You need to increase your site’s visibility.